Top tips on how to choose the right carpet

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June 19, 2017
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July 3, 2017

Top tips on how to choose the right carpet

If you’re looking to fit carpet in your home in France, here are a few tips to think about before you buy.

1. Have your room professionally measured. This is more cost-effective for you and will reduce waste – saving you money.

2. Think about wear and tear. We only sell quality carpets – but different spaces will receive more wear than others. For example downstairs may require a more durable carpet than upstairs.

3. Use quality underlay! This will make your carpet last longer and look better.

4. Look at a range of samples to decide on your favourite style and design. We carry a huge number of carpet samples with us when we visit customers – so there is no shortage of choice; colours, patterns and all kinds of designs.

5. Finally… have your carpet professionally fitted. There really is no substitute… a cheap installation will need replacing sooner and may disappoint. We only use UK-trained carpet fitters.

We’re always happy to help – give us a call on 02 33 60 98 52 or visit our website #carpetsinfrance

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