The Barefoot Bikram experience

Stylish and easy to keep clean carpet
July 17, 2017
Brockway Carpet’s SOLAR range
July 31, 2017

The Barefoot Bikram experience

Imagine being able to walk barefoot on a beautifully thick pile carpet, your toes feeling the extreme softness underfoot as you make your way through the house. That’s the Barefoot Bikram carpet experience. Hand-woven on traditional looms, Barefoot carpets are made from natural un-dyed wool and woven onto a base of cotton, secured by latex.

Recently we supplied and fitted (2800g/m2) 100% wool Bikram carpet for a client – and you can see from the photos how heavy this quality carpet is, requiring us to access the house with the carpet via the upstairs window. The top photo of the carpet is taken from the Alternative Flooring range as an example.

After the fitting, we received these very kind comments from the client: “Perfect! Everything went like clockwork. Good men. On time. Pleasant, skilled and polite. So thanks.” Chris.

Thank you Chris for your feedback.

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