The Plantation Rug Company

Visit The Plantation Rug Company website to discover their range of carpets we can supply and fit for you in your French home.

RUGS! We've been designing and weaving rugs since the 1930s, so we'd like to think we know what makes a great rug. We fell in love with rugs when we realised they could transform a room instantly. You can warm up a minimalist space in seconds, just by throwing down a deep, thick pile rug. Obviously, they're also good for covering up for shabby old, thread-bare carpet too.

We do the cool stuff, like Love, Jack, Duckworths and Aztec...but we mix this up a little and weave the traditional stuff too like Jewel. What we love about Jewel is, your granny would love to place it in front of the mantlepiece, but your quirky friend would place it in her vintage, shabby chic bedroom and it would look great in both spaces.

We hope you too can fall in love with rugs...just like we did.

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